BV160 With Side Brush
BV with side brush

The BV mower is the result of years of experience. The mower is a rugge,d powerful and versatile work horse for all types of permanent row plantation crops. The working width is continuously hydraulically adjusted. Three steel-cast gearboxes, a rugged steel plate housing, two counter-rotating blade rotors with four breakaway mounted mower blades ensure a clean cur between plant row – even at high cutting speed. Even on steep slopes and on uneven groun,d the BV can meet any challenge.
Accepts Cat-I & Cat-II 3-Point Hitches
Wheel Rollers Height – Adjustable (4-7 cm)
Operating with Hydraulically adjustable (60cm 24 inches max)
Double side grass chutes
Chain guards front and rear
PTO Drive Shaft CE5 Series 5 shear
Overload clutch for freewheeling idle down